Russia's Actions in Ukraine and the Crime of Genocide

September 28, 2022 01:28:51
Russia's Actions in Ukraine and the Crime of Genocide
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Russia's Actions in Ukraine and the Crime of Genocide

Sep 28 2022 | 01:28:51


Show Notes

More than seven months into Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have established a clear pattern of targeting civilians and civilian spaces. On September 20, USIP hosted a discussion of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine and whether they amount to genocide.


Lise Grandeopening remarks
President and CEO, United States Institute of Peace 

Azeem Ibrahim
Director of Special Initiatives, New Lines Institute

Andriy Kostin
Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Ambassador Clint Williamson
Senior Director for International Justice, Georgetown Center for National Security; Lead Advisor, Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group

Ambassador William B. Taylormoderator
Vice President, Russia and Europe, U.S. Institute of Peace; Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine


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