Peace, Security and Prosperity in the Sahel

February 22, 2024 01:28:44
Peace, Security and Prosperity in the Sahel
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Peace, Security and Prosperity in the Sahel

Feb 22 2024 | 01:28:44


Show Notes

On February 21, USIP hosted a discussion featuring perspectives from regional experts and former government officials on practical options to respond to a rapidly shifting political landscape in the western Sahel. The conversation followed the publication of the final report of the USIP Bipartisan Sahel Senior Study Group and explored opportunities for mitigating conflict and advancing durable peace in the region.


Joseph Sanywelcoming remarks
Vice President, Africa Center, U.S. Institute of Peace

General Francis Béhanzin
Former Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Economic Community of West African States

Honorable Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mali

Ambassador Bisa Williams
Former U.S. Ambassador to Niger; Sahel Senior Study Group Member

Ambassador Kamissa Camaramoderator
Senior Advisor, Africa, U.S. Institute of Peace; Chair, Senior Study Group for the Sahel


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