Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

February 11, 2022 01:19:43
Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
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Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Feb 11 2022 | 01:19:43


Show Notes

Relations between China and India took a violent turn in the summer of 2020, when soldiers patrolling their contested Himalayan land border engaged in a deadly hand-to-hand melee for the first time in over four decades. Despite 14 rounds of military-led talks, new frictions have emerged and the potential for renewed violence is real. On February 10, USIP hosted the first virtual discussion in our new event series “Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.” This inaugural conversation looked at the current state of India-China tensions, likely trends in the bilateral relationship, and implications for the region and the world.


Carla Freeman
Senior Expert, China, U.S. Institute of Peace  

Daniel Markey 
Senior Advisor, South Asia, U.S. Institute of Peace

Andrew Scobell
Distinguished Fellow, China, U.S. Institute of Peace 

Vikram Singhmoderator
Senior Advisor, Asia Center, U.S. Institute of Peace


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