A Townhall with Colombian Vice-Presidential Candidates

May 13, 2022 02:08:20
A Townhall with Colombian Vice-Presidential Candidates
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A Townhall with Colombian Vice-Presidential Candidates

May 13 2022 | 02:08:20


Show Notes

As a close U.S. ally in the region, Colombia’s competitive May 29 presidential elections will undoubtedly have important implications for the longstanding bilateral relationship. At a May 13 townhall event at USIP, Colombia’s principal vice-presidential candidates discussed their respective policy plans and visions for the country’s future.


Marelen Castillo 
Vice-Presidential Candidate, Liga de Gobernantes Anticorrupción (Candidate: Rodolfo Hernández)

Francia Márquez
Vice-Presidential Candidate, Pacto Histórico (Candidate: Gustavo Petro)

Luis Gilberto Murillo
Vice-Presidential Candidate, Centro Esperanza (Candidate: Sergio Fajardo)

Steve Hegemoderator
Deputy Director, Latin America Program, U.S. Institute of Peace

Cynthia Arnsonmoderator
Distinguished Fellow, Latin American Program, Woodrow Wilson Center

Jason Marczakmoderator
Senior Director, Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, Atlantic Council


For more information about this event, please visit: https://www.usip.org/events/townhall-colombian-vice-presidential-candidates


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