Women, Climate Change and Peacebuilding

March 31, 2022 00:58:00
Women, Climate Change and Peacebuilding
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Women, Climate Change and Peacebuilding

Mar 31 2022 | 00:58:00


Show Notes

The U.S. Secretary of State's 2022 International Women of Courage (IWOC) award honors women from around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment. On March 31, USIP hosted awardees Josefina Klinger Zúñiga and Rizwana Hasan for a discussion on the strategies they use to take on the systems and actors who degrade and destroy the environment and how their people-centered approach helps protect the rights of individuals, communities and the environment.


Kamissa Camaramoderator
Senior Visiting Expert on the Sahel, U.S. Institute of Peace

Josefina Klinger Zúñiga
Founder and Director, Mano Cambiada; 2022 International Women of Courage Awardee

Rizwana Hasan
Attorney and Environmentalist; 2022 International Women of Courage Awardee

Tegan Blaineclosing summary
Director, Climate, Environment and Conflict, U.S. Institute of Peace

Katrina Fotovatclosing remarks
Senior Official, Office of Global Women’s Issues, U.S. State Department


For more information about this event, please visit: https://www.usip.org/events/women-climate-change-and-peacebuilding


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