Policing, Human Rights and Social Protest in Latin America

June 02, 2023 01:05:02
Policing, Human Rights and Social Protest in Latin America
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Policing, Human Rights and Social Protest in Latin America

Jun 02 2023 | 01:05:02


Show Notes

On June 1, USIP hosted a conversation with experts who have been at the forefront of regional efforts to reform Latin American security forces.


Keith Minesintroductory remarks
Director, Latin America Program, U.S. Institute of Peace

Dr. Gino Costa
Former Peruvian Congressman and Minister of the Interior 

Dr. Hugo Frühling
Professor of Government, University of Chile

Dr. Ignacio Cano
Regional Security Expert and Author

Angie Fernández
Researcher, Equitas Colombia

Arturo Matutemoderator 
Senior Citizen Security Advisor, U.S. Institute of Peace


For more information about this event, please visit: https://www.usip.org/events/policing-human-rights-and-social-protest-latin-america


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