How Women on the Front Lines Forge Peace

March 02, 2024 01:16:31
How Women on the Front Lines Forge Peace
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How Women on the Front Lines Forge Peace

Mar 02 2024 | 01:16:31


Show Notes

On March 1 -- ahead of International Women’s Day and on the first day of Women’s History Month -- USIP recognized and celebrated the awardee and finalists for USIP's 2023 Women Building Peace Award. The conversation explored how these four fearless women from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya and Syria are making history while working for a peaceful future.


Marcia Myers Carlucci, welcoming remarks
Co-Chair, USIP's Women Building Peace Council

Megan Beyermoderator 
Director, Office of Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of State; Co-Chair, USIP’s Women Building Peace Award Council

Pétronille Vaweka 
Awardee, 2023 Women Building Peace Award; Senior Mediator and Coordinator, Centre Femmes Engagées pour la Paix en Afrique (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Dr. Marie-Marcelle H. Deschamps 
Finalist, 2023 Women Building Peace Award; Deputy Executive Director, Les Centres GHESKIO, (Haiti)

Abir Haj Ibrahim 
Finalist, 2023 Women Building Peace Award; Co-Founder and Executive Manager, Mobaderoon (Syria) 

Hamisa Zaja 
Finalist, 2023 Women Building Peace Award; Founder and CEO, Coast Association for Persons with Disabilities (Kenya)


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